I am a motorcycle racer in the SOAR (Southern Ontario Associates of Racing) series.

My first year of racing; 2017 I finished on the podium with an exciting 2nd place overall in the Lost Era Heavyweight class and I competed in the Rookie Challenge class.

I was featured in an online magazine/blog; ‘The Daily Apex’ in which I explain my first year of racing, the obstacles and my triumphs.

My second year of racing, 2018 I finished fourth place overall in the Lost Era Heavyweight class and I competed in the Amateur 600 class. I only hope to better myself for the 2023 race season. I trained during some practice track days throughout the season and have improved my riding skills immensely, I will continue to do so throughout the next race season as I am always looking to learn and improve my riding skills.

Along with keeping busy at the track, I recently took on the role of mentoring young kids who are just starting out riding. I advise them on proper positioning and handling of their bikes, along with helping get them connected to whichever moto-sport they prefer.

I love to have the kids come to some of my races and I often bring them to the pits with me to show them all the “behind the scenes” of racing, they really enjoy that part. I find this role so rewarding seeing how we share the passion, and at such a young age too! Allowing me to work with them is such an honor. I look forward to what the following race seasons have in store for us!

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