In 2015 (age 13) I attended my first XC race and an Enduro event with Offroad Ontario. I place 2nd in both Junior class events. This is when I decided I wanted to try more events.

2016 (age 14) was my first complete year of racing within the Offroad Ontario and World Enduro Canada series in the Novice class B. During this season I was learning how to compete with other riders that were much older than me and had more experience. I had a few top 5 finishes and completed the season in 8th overall.

The following year in 2017 (age 15) I was moved up by the governing body to the Novice A class, which was the season where racing became a lot more competitive. Battling with the top contenders at each of the events landed me a 2nd place overall in the Novice A class in both Enduro and Cross country events.

Then 2018 (age 16) came around and I decided that I wanted to attempt to win the championship in the class this season. Again I was moved up to the next class Intermediate, so I did my homework and trained countless hours on and off the track. All this work paid off with countless wins back to back, but I still trained and worked hard. By the end of the season I was running lap times with the Pro class which is two classes up from me. I completed the season in First place in all series, also finished first at the Cordero Enduro which was fantastic. Finally I won the Promation National Enduro Series in Intermediate.

In 2019 I was promoted to the pro class and competed during the season midpack, gaining experience to achieve an overall 5th place in the pro class. This was planned as a learning year and prepared myself for the coming season to move up the ladder. I gained a tremendous amount of experience and learned to save my energy for specific options, and learned to read other riders and their techniques.

2020 season was planned to run for the championship, unfortunately it was plagued with the pandemic, there were some last minute individual races in both Ontario and Quebec.

2021 again due to pandemic closures, there were limited series and we finished in the Pro class at 3rd in the Offroad Ontario XC series and 2nd in the Pro class of the 4 hour endurance series in Quebec.

2022 came around the corner, starting it off strong running with the top pros across Ontario and Quebec. Sitting in the points standing to potentially get a top 3 in Pro for another season. Unfortunately a training incident occurred causing me to sit out the rest of the season. Although my team and myself have been working day and night to get ready for the 2023 season.

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