Fallen Riders Memorial Awareness Rally

May 27, 2023

Join B.R.O. Ontario and The Fallen Rider Support Team to remember all those who have lost their lives to a motorcycle accident, and are never forgotten.


We need your help to get as many signatures sent to Queens Park to amend the Highway Traffic Act to pass Bill 15 2022 and increase the fines when someone is charged with a contravention causing death or serious bodily harm.


  • That a drunk driver who loses their license, is charged $5oo and if convicted looses their license for a year.
  • If your charged with stunt driving the fine is $2000 and immediate confiscation of your vehicle.
  • A false CVOR certificate is a penalty of $5000.
  • If caught driving with a false driver license the penalty is $50,000.
  • Running a stop sign is a $1000 fine.
  • Compare those penalties to a driver who makes an unsafe turn in front of a motorcycle and kills one or both riders. That driver will receive a maximum $500.00 fine only!! Most plead down to a unsafe turn…only a $110.00 fine.

For more information see link attached:


Yes its true…

Their at fault fine would only be $500.00 if they were charged with at fault and the same whether they hurt or killed you, whether it be on a motorcycle, in a car, on a bike or walking across the street.

This is why we need you to participate in getting signatures to propose this amendment to the Highway Traffic Act and help us make a stand with us Keating Channel Pub on May 27th at 1 pm.

Our Goal

  • The more riders that show up, the more signatures we can get.
  • This is a rally to remember those who have fallen but also a FRIENDLY protest to bring attention to members of parliament and to get the word out within social media and the news that changes need to be made.
  • We are not looking to cause a riot or to block the streets, but only to make a statement with the largest amount of motorcyclists and our supporters for an immediate change for these issues and to pass our amendment.


Come on out and let us remember those who have died from others not paying attention to their surroundings and killing our friends and family and all for the cost to themselves of only $500.00 or less.



Send us a email at ron@taxationbytes.com  and reply “I Want To Help” and we will send you a copy of the proposal and get 12 signatures and mail, not email it back to the address for the O.C.C on the form.

Queens Park will only accept true signatures with the 3 page form its attached to.

So for the cost of printing it, an envelope a stamp and your saliva its not a lot to help make a change that is much needed.

The O.C.C, B.R.O and The Fallen Rider Support Team thankyou.


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